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Metal Artist David HK Reaches Out To Global Audience
David HK is a NY based Metal Guitarist and Vocalist. His music has been described as raw, gritty and unique while maintaining precision, tightness, skill, and emotion. He likes to take classic rock songs and give them a heavier edge. His background stems from playing diverse styles such as jazz, classic rock, metal, thrash, hardcore punk, and alternative rock.

He states, “Although my songs consists of covers right now, I don’t consider them to be merely ‘copies’ but my interpretation of the feelings which I try to convey as a result of hearing those songs when getting lost in FM radio was a way to escape the problems and doldrums of everyday life” Cover songs were a common practice even among the rock gods like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. He also said to expect some original material in the near future.
Rather than playing shows at local clubs at this time, David HK plans to broadcast his shows via Facebook Live to thousands of social media fans around the world. Keep a look out for future dates.

He says, “There’s no reason why you can’t play for fans who are scattered around the globe and make us all feel that we’re in the same space.”

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