Awesome 2020 album by HOL-Hollie Findlay

Artist Name-Hol

Our new artist HOL (Hollie Findlay) is about to release the first Chapter of her debut 2020 album. She has a very novel concept of releasing Chapters (almost like a book), rather than Volumes. The press release shares details of the album, along with the two songs of her first double track ‘The Quest Chapter : lost’.

Hollie Findlay is a young and talented singer/songwriter who is expanding the bounds of music industry norms with her varied and diverse style. She was born in Athens Greece and grew up on both the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia and in Blackpool England. She First performing live in 2016 and has gone on to perform in a variety of festivals and shows. Her first EP ‘Cloud 9’ was released in December 2018 and combines acoustic style with a touch of melancholy.

You can also listen through the private Soundcloud links of the two tracks

We are looking for feedback and exposure for HOL and her album prior to or just after release of the first Chapter on 12th February.

She will be performing and promoting the new album, at two live events on February 6th and 15th, at Ivy House, London and Pheonix Bar, London, respectively, if you get a chance to cover these.

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